Why Blog?

For my first EVER blog, there is nothing more fitting than this subject.  There are several reasons that people may choose to blog. For me it is purely for fun.  I have always wanted to create some kind of content and put it “out there”. I had toyed with the idea of vlogging, and truth be told, I would love to be a regular vlogger with a buzzing YouTube channel and making plenty of coin, I’m not going to lie. 

Why am I not? Well, it is purely down to confidence. I truly feel that it takes of lot of guts to even create a blog, put your own words down and put it out for the world to see and potentially criticise. Now imagine doing all of that but in front of a camera!!   Arghhhh… Then you have to take into account the equipment that is needed, the editing, blah blah blah.  No, I am going to take baby steps and start with blogging and see where it leads. 

So, why else?  I must admit, up until recently I never really understood the purpose of a blog in a business sense.  I went though a big career change back in 2019 and in my newfound role I now find myself speaking with and guiding clients in all aspects of marketing.  I had no clue what SEO (search engine optimisation) was or Google Adwords etc etc either.  That is where a blog comes in.  Blogs are an amazing way of driving traffic to your business website. Google will also latch on to certain “keywords” within your blogs or titles and the more interest a post gets, the SEO and Google will catch up.  In business, you can also load your blog and title with relevant keywords to the product, industry, or topic that your particular blog is about and then create Adword campaigns and pay for those keywords in your website blog post page to boost it up the rankings, ultimately driving more traffic to your website (your online shop window). 

As I say, for me, it is purely for the fun of it (and I am too much of a wimp to be on camera – for now!!). Whatever your reasons are for blogging – GO FOR IT!! 

If it’s going to make you happy, go for it – life is short

Tiffany Darwish

Now I am a complete novice at this but like anything that I set out to do, I will always do some research first.  For what it’s worth, here are some handy hints that I have picked up:

  1. Know your audience – Who is the blog aimed at? This is so relevant, whether you are blogging for fun or for business. Everything in life needs direction.
  2. People want answers – Most people that are reading blogs are doing so for answers to questions or to find something out.  Use the killer question as the blog title, like I have here, and then your blog content can be the answer.  Make it educational.
  3. Blog about ANYTHING – That is the beauty of it, your blog can be about any topic that you wish – Again, just think about the audience that it is intended for.  In business, the topics may be more limited as you may want to keep it completely relevant to the industry that you are in.  Even then, you don’t need to. As mentioned earlier, blogs drive traffic!! As long as you are getting out to your target audience and they are hitting the website then “job’s a gooden”

So, what are you going to blog about?  Let me know in the comments and feel free to leave any links to your own blogs/vlogs or other content for us all to see.  Please also subscribe with your email address to be the first to hear about my future blogs but most importantly, have a great day

3 Comments on “Why Blog?

  1. Welcome to the blogging world. I started my blog a few years ago largely to make it easier to document my travels and force myself to go through and organize my pictures. It’s neat seeing how much my writing has evolved and it’s been great interacting with the WP community.

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