Planning the North Coast 500 – By Camper – Part 1

I bet that I am not alone here, I need to get away!! Usually, we love to go somewhere abroad, somewhere sunny, and relaxing.  I also love the planning for any kind of holiday/vacation. Where are we going? When are we going? How are we getting there? Where are we staying? What else can we do?

Well sadly, this is now the second year running that we still haven’t gone anywhere, booked anywhere or planned any kind of trip.

So, when my wife suggested “shall we go away for a week, on a bit of an adventure”, I jumped up and down like an excited little child (I didn’t really, I played it super cool, but on the inside, I was like a kid at Christmas).

We have recently been watching the TV Series, Outlander, on Amazon Prime Video.  I won’t go into detail about the show as I will digress, but it is mainly set in Scotland. More precisely, Inverness and the highlands. The scenery just looks, simply stunning, so we decided that this is where we want to go.

Whilst doing some initial research, I came across the “North Coast 500”. I had heard of it before but never really looked too much into it.

North Coast 500 (

A lot of useful information about all to do with the NC500 here

The NC 500 is a circular 500 mile driving route, starting and finishing in Inverness, exploring the most Northern parts of beautiful Scotland.

The next issue for us would be getting there. We had originally looked at flying to Inverness and, hiring a camper in Inverness itself.  However, we want to avoid airports still at the moment and we are based on the South Coast in England.  We have now looked at adding a couple of extra days to the trip and hiring a camper more local and driving the initial route to Inverness also to add to the adventure (this will all be so much easier when I can finally fulfil my dream of doing my own van conversion).

We are currently still looking around for this as, ideally, we would like to go in the Summer (I think we have left it too late)!! As it is also our first time and we are going as full family, we have decided for a motorhome/RV this time around too.  As it stands, this is what we are looking at, but we may need to wait and go later in the year (Mid-Autumn).

Once we have our dates and van booked, we can then truly look into filling an itinerary for the trip.  This will be in part 2 of this blog.

Now that we will be driving up to Inverness to start the NC500 route, this will allow us to go and see some of the filming loactions from the Outlander series that I mentioned at the beginning. Some of these will include:

  1. Kinloch Rannoch
  2. Doune Castle
  3. Highland Folk Museum
  4. Midhope Castle

This is as far as we have got at this point. Plenty more planning to be done. Plenty more research to be done and of course, as mentioned, we need to actully set the dates!!!

There appears to be certain things to do depending on the season that you visit in so our itenerary may look different if we were to go in October as opposed the August (As we originally wanted to go).

Either way we are excited to be panning this trip and we can’t wait to show you our adventure.

The next part of our planning blog will follow soon.

If anyone has any suggestions or advice then please let us know in the comments or send us a message.

Thank you for reading

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