NEWS – Luna Had Kittens!!

Ok, so this isn’t a blog as such, just more of an update to let you all know that our beautiful cat Luna has had a litter of kittens.

At some point we will look to write a full blog post about what happens leading upto and during labour and also what to expect from the kittens in their first few weeks.

We just have so much going on right now and so much to write about (I guess it’s better than having nothing), but with planning the road-trip and the current house renovations (including the brick extension that has started to be constructed this week), the kitten story will just have to wait a little longer

For now, I hope you all enjoy a few early pictures (just taken from our phones) of the little bundles of fur.

All of the kittens are doing really well, as is mum. They are all putting on weight and hitting their milestones.

We promise that more will follow

Just a little post to brighten the day – Who doesn’t love kittens right???

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