Extending Our Home – Part 2

What a productive week!!

So last week, we explained the “build up” (excuse the pun) to us extending our home and the first week of progress that was made.

The area was prepared and the footings all dug out, ready for the masterpiece that will eventually be our new open-plan, kitchen-diner area.

Monday was a slow-burner. The builders had to just finish up a few bits for the footings and then wait for the building inspector to tick-off that he was happy with how deep they were and everything.

Not an awful lot was done in terms of the construction on Tuesday but it was definitely a day of progress. I was leisurely working from home and tapping away at the laptop when I heard the grunting and beeping of a large vehicle outside. Within a few moments, there was a mahoooosive hose leading all through the garden and resting in our make-do WW2 trenches in the garden.

I decided to get back to work and not spoil the surprise of the day’s progress. However, after about an hour (this was just after lunchtime), our builder gave the door a knock to say that they would now be back tomorrow as the cement/concrete had all been poured and smoothed and our trenches were no more – We had footings.

They explained that they would be back tomorrow (Wednesday) and that they were starting the “fun bit”. The bricks would start to be laid and the room will start coming alive!!!!

On to Wednesday – Again, I have had a busy week at work this week, so I had to reluctantly stay behind the laptop and not have my head fixed at the window watching like some kind of weird peeping tom.

Unable to resist the urge, I did, however, frequently pop down to see if the lads would like tea or coffee every hour or so – Couldn’t help myself!!

The progress was pretty great and even at the end of “hump day”, we could see the brick outline, thanks to a couple of laid courses, and the exact shape of our new room.

Thursday was very similar, in terms of my workload, but they were here early and didn’t stop ALL DAY!!! They are a real credit to their profession (I will provide a full review and links to their pages later down the line) and so far, so good.

They had made us aware that they wouldn’t be here on Friday or Monday as they just had to tie up the last bits of another job but they said that the full team of them will be here on Tuesday all week and aim to break the back of the build by close of play next Friday.

We will of course update you again next Sunday to where we are at but as of now, this is where we are with it and we couldn’t be happier………….

Thank you, as always, for following along and I hope, you too, have an amazing week.

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