Why are we so excited??? – BANDD News

So we thought we would write a little blog post to let you know what we have been getting upto (as well as sorting a 4 week old litter of kittens, renovating a house and building a brick extension).

Launching very soon is BANDD Books – The podcast.

Our podcast will be just us and the occasional guest chatting about books – Our favourite books, what we have read and what we are reading, with an episode released every week.

It will be very laid back, raw and honest – Just conversational.

With the release for the Podcast we will also be sharing our library of books that are featured.

Lastly – What goes well with a good book?? – A great cup of coffee!!!

Jointly launching with the BANDD Books Podcast will also be – BandDBeano’s Coffee Shop!

We have been taking a lot of timeout, researching, planning and creating our Coffee. Designed to be the perfect accompaniment for those bookworms who just love to read as we do. We will be launching 2 blended varieties of different strengths.

We have tried the final samples – AND THEY ARE AMAZING!!!!!! We are so so excited and I hope that once we launch, you will love it too.

It has taken us time but this is what we are most passionate about – books, reading and Coffee.

We will of course continue with the kitten updates as well as the ongoing renovation of the house and the extension – We love all of these things too.

When we look to launch – which will hopefully be sometime next week – We will also be re-branding and re-designing the website (it’s all waiting in the wings).

We haven’t been able to really focus properly on much else these past few weeks so we felt that we needed to get it down in a blog post and get it off of our chests to tell you all.

We hope that you will take a look and listen along to the podcast each week and as always we love reading your comments and listening to your feedback.

We truly love the community that we find ourselves in and building.

Watch this space you lovely people.

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