What’s new Pussycats – Kitten update (4 weeks)

Well….. What a whirlwind of a week for the kittens!!! They seem to now be into EVERYTHING!!! Especially feet…

They are coming upto 5 weeks old and the changes in them already are fascinating. You can really start to now see their individual features, and slowly but surely, their own personalities starting to come out.

So our youngest son has given them some temporary names for now. We have the black & white fluffy girl that he has named Star. We then have another black girl that has a cute white marking on her nose – She is called Moon. Then we have a big black fluffy boy, named Shadow.

Moon, seems to be the most advanced and is most confident on her feet. She is keeping herself to herself a lot more than the others and hasn’t seemed to of come out of herself as much as the other two just yet.

Star is the quietest. You can pick her up or she’ll wonder around exploring everything with an air of caution but as yet not causing too much trouble and rarely makes a noise.

Then there is Shadow!!! Boys will be boys I guess but this little bugger is already larger than life. He is now climbing the stairs, he is the most vocal – certainly if you pick him up or he gets hungry! BUT, he is also the most friendly of the bunch. If any of us walk into the room then he runs over to your feet and comes to say hello – very very cute.

It also quite hilarious watching Luna trying to round them up and keep them all in line – She is still doing an amazing job. She is constantly cleaning them (and cleaning up after them), feeding them on demand and growing them into inquisitive little characters.

So, at this stage, it is quite common that the kittens will begin showing an interest in solid food and begin weening off of Luna. We are slowly introducing a couple of small spoonful’s of wet kitten food to them (mainly to give Luna a break – Haha). So far, there has no been much interest but they are certainly getting curious so we don’t think it will be long.

From about now they will also begin to be litter trained. It’s been hard work for Luna, not just having to clean them, feed them, and keep them in line, but she also has to clean up after them when they need the toilet. Slowly but surely she will now teach them to follow her to the litter tray and teach them how to use it. This is something that all kittens do pick up really quickly. Cats are very clean animals and can become very stressed or upset if they can’t be clean and live cleanly.

TIP – Make sure you are using a clump free, kitten safe litter and that the litter tray is very easy for the kittens to get in and out of

I am pretty sure that we will have an even more crazy week this week with these little bundles of furry fun and we will let you know next week, what they have been getting upto and how they are getting on with weaning and litter training.

Wish us luck!!!!!

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