You Want Sides With That? – Extending Our Home Part 3

End of Week 3 already!!!!! So much progress again this week and we can’t believe how quickly this project is coming together.

We are under no illusion that there is still a long way to go but we now have both side walls complete and insulated.

As mentioned last week, the builders were not here on Monday, so only a 4-day week for them on our job, but they haven’t stopped.

Tuesday, was dry overall and not too windy so they were able to get a really good hit done for the day which “paved the way” (sorry, not sorry for that pun), for the rest of the weeks’ progress.

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday this week must have been such a challenge for the team – With a mixture of rain, horrendous winds and a thunder storm all thrown into the mix, you’d think that they would just call it quits and return once Mother Nature was a little more forgiving? – Not for the Avengers of Building!!! They ploughed through, battling the elements and were absolute superstars.

Now, thanks to their amazing hard work, we have both side walls complete and most of the main outer wall (there is a smaller pillar that needs to be built between what will be the window and the French doors but it was too windy for that to be built by itself and with the forecasted weather for the weekend, was likely to blow over.

However, we are so so happy with this weeks’ progress and here are the results:

Hopefully, the progress will continue at this rate and we have a lot more to tell you in our update next Sunday.

Have a great week you wonderful lot and also keep posted as this week we look to re-brand the website and launch BANDD Books Podcast, BANDD Library and BandDBeano’s Coffee – Stay Tuned.

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