GUEST BLOG – A Journey of Self-Realisations – My COVID-19 Story by Arhama Gufran

Back in 2019 when the pandemic had just begun, I was a student studying in second year of my course. I had no idea of what was happening around the world. I was busy, in flirting with quantum mechanics, setting up dates with Calculus and Electronics, somehow was trying to digest foundation courses. Everything was normal and everyday was like yesterday but then something unexpected happened.

It is strange but true, how few people matter in our lives. We tend to get so tied up in knots with our daily lectures, chanting, party routines and trying to make ourselves look “good” for others (mostly on social media). As the lockdown began we thought its going be a matter of a week or so and everything would resume. We will be giving our semester exams and then will be saying good bye as some of our friends were planning to leave the institute but that didn’t happen. I may sound selfish but this is one of the many reasons why I must thank the pandemic.

The pandemic has taught me how to live in the moment, who knows what the destiny holds for us. The essence of life is in its uncertainty. The present may seem doomed but when we try to beat the circumstances with our perseverance and sheer hard work, we may achieve what we want to. Even if we fail, we won’t be holding the regrets.

The pandemic has actually revealed how unhealthy our lifestyles were! Sleeping late at nights, surfing on the internet, skipping meals sometimes replacing it with pizzas and burgers. You name a habit and we had it. But the lockdown transformed everything. From hanging out with our friends to helping mum in the kitchen, from playing online games to playing it physically  now with our family, from surfing on the internet to now flipping the pages of our scriptures even writing it. Pandemic has surely inculcated in us some good habits.

Photo by Bruno Bueno

I have not been affected by the Corona virus but I know how it feels when you are always under the threat of getting infected. From wearing a mask to washing our hands we are now so careful just because we don’t want to get infected or more importantly we don’t want our family to get affected. We care so much for them but were still reluctant to give them time because of our so called busy schedule.

Living in a metropolitan city like Mumbai gives you a wider perspective on the social and the economic divide that the country is going through. We must help our family members but consider helping your friends, relatives and neighbors as well. I have lost two of my family members during the pandemic, and therefore I’m in a better position to understand the weight that the aforementioned words carry.

During the lockdown, I was surprised to see how little we need in order to live a happy life. Be it cars, electronic gadgets, food supplies and toiletries, expensive garments, shoes and other accessories we are constantly acquiring. And yet, we never stop. We do this because we want to show off to the world. But henceforth I am going to make a conscious effort to move away from these habits.

As a student how come I forget to mention about online studies that started last august and still there seems no end to it. We have realized the potentials of online education. The time for self studies is more so is our understanding about the subject. From attending online seminars to attending the competitions held online, helped students exploring the world beyond their texts. But easy access to the internet also implies that one can misuse it during the exams which make us realize how much importance our students give to marks than the values.

It’s been a year now, and looking back in time I realize I have done everything I wanted to do. From reading books to watching documentaries, writing articles, talking hours with my granny.I understood that we need not do something all the time. Sometimes we can sit idle. There is nothing wrong in that. I have been through all the emotions ,be it being confused in the beginning or being scared in the middle or now satisfied at the end of the lockdown.

I noticed how our warriors fought back for our lives even when there were not enough PPEs. Research says lesser wars were going on around the world due to pandemic. Isn’t that a good thing?

I am thoroughly enjoying the clean Mumbai air, crystal clear blue skies, and the chirping of birds. No traffic and no noise pollution

The journey of self realization has been remarkable. Its better we understand now that happiness lies inside us and not in likes, comments and followers. We also need to remember that we don’t need another virus (we cant even afford another) to make us realize how vulnerable and lonely we are!

Written by Arhama Gufran

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2 Comments on “GUEST BLOG – A Journey of Self-Realisations – My COVID-19 Story by Arhama Gufran

  1. This was an excellent article. Touches on what most of us are feeling right now. May we all self reflect and learn to live in the moment.

    Thank you, Arhama

    Liked by 1 person

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