To The window… the wall – Extending our home series part 4

Another week and even more progress. We freely admit that the building/structural side of home renovation is alien to us, but even so, we can’t believe how quickly it is all coming together.

After a bit of a slow start due to the weather, the latter part of the week has certainly cuaght things up.

Monday and Tuesday were horrendous again, weather-wise. To the point where the builders were unable to even work on Tuesday.

By close of play Wednesday though, the walls were completely finished (even the “pillar” piece in between what will be the window and the French doors that we mentioned last week). They had also fitted the lintels above to keep the spaces secured.

Thursday and Friday saw the rest of the drainage finished which will eventually be underground and the inspection chamber re-routed to the side of the build, as well as the “gulley” that, in time, the waste from the kitchen sink will run into from under the window.

The roofer also came and ordered all of the materials to now start the roof which will be the next job and once it is water-tight, they can finish the floor and bring it up to the correct level.

We are hoping that once we get to this time next week, there will be a major aesthetic difference as we “should” have all the framework of the roof in place *fingers crossed*

However, it will be s short week this week as here in the UK, it is a Bank Holiday weekend.

Fortunately the forecast is sun, sun, sun, so we are also taking some time out this weekend to enjoy some well-needed family time as well as a BBQ at our parents.

All that is left to say this week is that we hope you are having a wonderful weekend so far, whatever you are doing and we will catch you soon.

In the meantime, the next episode of the BANDD Books Podcast is also live this evening, so if you are into reading and your books, then give us a listen. Please just head to the BANDD Books Podcast page in the website menu.

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