Written & Reviewed By Arhama Gufran

Life: An existential cocktail

Author: Bienu Varma Vaghela

Genre: Poetry

Ratings: (4/5)

This book is a collection of various poetries, penned down by the author on variety of topics concerning her life as a human in general and a woman in particular. The book is divided into four parts each part contains certain number of poems. Figures of speech extensively used are: Personification, rhetorical questions yet you may find elements of onomatopoeia, epigrams etc

Cover-page: It’s been designed very cleverly. It matches not only with the title of the book but also with the theme.

Title: Existential relates to human existence and their efforts to try making meaning out of their own lives. This is a cocktail of hard work, discipline, dedication, luck and many more unavoidable factors.

Part1 of the book is based on abstract ideas such as happiness, dreams, loneliness, vulnerability etc. They are reel but they affect the real. While reading these poetries one realizes that these are the feelings which haunt each one of us. You are actually reading every emotion from which you’ve been through some day or the day in your life, it is as though we are seeing our lives on paper. The author has done a fabulous job in bringing all these emotions on paper.

Remaining parts revolve around her life explicitly, but one can always find an element of inspiration. From talking about life’s different phases to finding answers to simple yet difficult questions to defining her own self, to talking about life in this pandemic to talking about her love for tea and music she has presented herself very well!

She talked about life if one is a short person and the difficulty one faces.

One can understand from these lines,

“God maybe having his own reasons,

Not realizing the havoc

It plays in our lives.”

You will taste all favors of life served in one plate. Content is soothing, something easy to connect with and written in a simple lucid language.

At some points meanings of certain Hindi words are not provided. The images next to certain poems helps to connect you with the content but for some poems they distract. There are instances where one feels that the content is been dragged and they dilute the value of the content.

Recommendations: People of any age group can consider reading this book.

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