Goodbye Kitty-Cats: Our Work Here Is Done

Here is the final update on our little kitten adventure. They are 10 weeks old, have now just been vet checked and are all in great health.

They are all fully weened and feeding and drinking well too.

Our beautiful Queen, Luna, looks exhausted and it has been rather draining for her by all accounts.

We have now had her spayed too and our attention will now be on her recovery. She has become insanely skinny!!! This is quite normal though when a young cat has a litter and is nursing. She has been constantly eating like a horse but the little mites have ravished her and drained her dry.

She has done an amazing job though.

However, now is the time that her little ones go off to their forever homes. It can seem very cruel, especially if we relate it to human terms. I couldn’t dream of us humans just giving up our children at 10 weeks old as standard. Although we’ve often thought about someone coming to grab them now – Haha!!

It’s not like that for cats. Queens won’t pine for their young and they don’t have that eternal bond like mother and child. Within a few weeks they won’t even be aware that the kittens were hers or she even had them and it’s the same for the young too.

So, this will be our final post in the kitten series. Join us in saying farewell to the furry little legends as they go off to start their lives.

It’s been a blast!!!

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