BandD Books – The Podcast

Welcome to our Podcast – BandD Books

A big passion and hobby of ours is reading. We decided that because it was a huge but separate part of our “normal” lives and that reading is also our escape, that it should have its own space – And here we have it, the Podcast.

Here you will find weekly episodes of us discussing and reviewing the books that we read, along with recommendations and links of where to get them for yourself.

Our Latest Episode

Find all of our featured Podcast books here:

Kindle Unlimited:

We strongly recommend Kindle Unlimited. It has been a game-changer for us, especially with the amount that we read. Click below for a completely free 30 day trial and for more information

Get Lost in the story

What we are currently reading

Freed – By E.L. James

BandDBeano’s Readers Blend Coffee – 250g

A blend of the finest Arabica speciality beans sourced from coffee farms in Brazil, Costa Rica and Indonesia. A sweet and complex blend with a velvety body, resulting in a vibrant espresso with berry and stone fruit aromas. As a milk based coffee, the readers blend is smooth and mellow with sweet vanilla and milk chocolate flavours. Ground for Use in Filters or Cafetiere’s Articulately designed to be the perfect roast to accompany your reading FREE SHIPPING IN THE UK (Visit the coffee shop for more shipping information)


Tell us your recommendations and thoughts in the comments or send us a message.

Maybe we can start a BANDD Books Book Club between us?

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